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Das handelnde SprechenFachbuchautorin
Das handelnde Sprechen
Projektverlag, Bochum 2013

Single Training

Throughout the single training we work on your presence in space and dialogue as well as on your personal expression. The goal is to find your personal tone which invites the audience to listen.

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Group Training

Throughout group training I offer seminars, talks and Workshops to following topics:

  • the presence  in space and in communication
  • contact and deliberate action in a conversation
  • finding the purposeful expression with the own voice
  • fluent speech in talks, readings and smart text disposition
  • Text construction in talks: “Why do I talk?”
  • Usage of voice in vocally-demanding occupations

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workshop topics

  • Breath and Voice
  • Gestural speech and phonetics
  • Text work
  • The look and the speech
  • Contact and voice

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Speech is an action

All healthy speakers think when they speak.

The other

Fetching the other is the aim or concern in every conversation.

Target oriented

The formulation purposeful arises from our need for action.

The look and the body

The way we look at things has an effect on our flexibility in the dialogue, speech therapists and scientists agree upon this nowadays.

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