Her life starts in the GDR and she developes her life-time motto „It‘s not possible – doesn‘t exist“ Already since her childhood, she has been memorising people through their voices and lip movements, and is fascinated by filling in speech with voice. Her curiousity raised she studies what fits her best: Speech Science and Phonetics.

Voice. And breath. That‘s it. During a workshop she discovers logical connections between voice and vision due to the Eyebody-Method® – and is excited. She further intensifies her knowledge and training in the Talmi Method® and develops the integration of vision as fixed part of her voice and speech lectures. This is the source of her inspiration as well as for those, who are sensitised:

Currently teaching students at the University for the MUK in Vienna, she discovers their resources within the potential of their breath, voice and speech and inspires them to use the body as an instrument, which can be „tuned“ by themselves, thus providing a basis for their profession. Essence: What matters?

As a Business Coach she uncovers together with her Clients their resources, make their potentials visible and support them to pursue this diversity without fear.

Getting up, even when bones are broken. Listening to her inner voice.
Dedicating her life‘s work to vision and voice, body and breath, listening and speech. She always looks behind the curtain, Asking questions, she has an inspiring way to shake the balance. „Just because things are the way they are, doesn‘t mean they have to remain the same“

Besides: She‘s got a wish list …

….living, learning and working in Japan…..learning Aikido and archery / dancing Flamenco / playing action-theatre more often / overcoming vertigo, in order to be able to walk in the air / dining with Shakespeare and fasting with Woody Allen …