Single Coaching

Relations of backbone, head, pelvic, feet

Breathing, because breath shows you, makes you visible and audible

Impulses know, more authentically react

Presence in the personal expression

Habits diminish

Physical ressources mak consciousnerss

Consciousness = Breath

Talk and speech construction


Group Coaching

Throughout group training I offer seminars, talks and Workshops to following topics:

  • the presence* in space and in communication
  • contact and deliberate action in a conversation
  • finding the purposeful expression with the own voice
  • fluent speech in talks, readings and smart text disposition
  • Text construction in talks: “Why do I talk?”
  • Usage of voice in vocally-demanding occupations

You are welcome to contact me with a specific concern. If I can accompany you, on this occasion, aim-leading, together we can define possible training steps. The goal is for you to integrate the new impulses straight away into your everyday life and to apply what you have learned independently.

* Since the term “presence” is often a strained concept, here my own definition: To be present means to be able to perceive myself and others at the same moment.


workshop topics

  • Breath and Voice
  • Gestural speech and phonetics
  • Text work
  • The look and the speech
  • Contact and voice