“One round of kissing please….

…. because the heart rests on the tongue, or rather on the tip of the tongue. “

According to TCM, Traditional Chinese medicine, the cardiovascular path reflects on the root and the tip of the tongue. (“Das handelnde Sprechen“)  You don‘t only see with your heart, you also speak with and through your heart. Kissing is the ideal training to sensitize the tip of your tongue, it‘s also of tremendous significance for speaking.

If there‘s nobody around for kissing: trace your lips with the tip of your tongue, then speak:

*  red leather yellow leather yellow leather red leather     * Marylin, Marylin, oh Marylin Monroe, you.

Coaching in Speech & Self-Presentation

You want to have a conversation, but you lack the right approach ?
You find it hard to establish real contact with your vis-à-vis ?
Your receptiveness seems limited and your reaction slow ?
The solution to that is no secret.

Consciously experiencing your inner spaces of resonance helps you to deeply relax. This will add clarity with the effect of freedom in thinking and conversing.
I provide you with the proper tools for competence in dialogue, structure of speech, a firm voice and poise.
You’ll see: the balance between reception and reaction will bring about your clear presence. Your very own source of high spirits.

TALMI® - presence and vocal placement

Talmi® is a movement exercise method that works on the fascial tension lines of the body in order to return the body to its so-called neutral state.

A neutral body state means maximum uprightness, unrestricted movements, presence and a released/expanded vocal volume.

Our everyday movement patterns continuously constrict and contract us. This in turn impacts on our breathing capacity and – in consequence – on our presence, which restricts our decision-making and reactive freedom and makes them normative, out of balance.

How do I spot these imbalances? An asymmetry of the face, for example, or unequal shoulder lengths and a tilted pelvis position. Contractions are only reversible deviations from our original neutral body state and its resources.

Talmi® reintroduces these balances to the body and therefore also balances our mental processes, our presence and our voice.

Talmi® bringt diese Balancen in den Körper zurück und damit auch Balancen ins Denken, in unsere Präsenz und unseren Stimmsitz.


WHAT kind of life are you living right now?
WHOSE life are you living right now?
Is it your own, or are you just a character in the script of others?

I accompany my clients in making the invisible visible again. This will help them find their own resources and will bring the fun back into their lifes. Solutions will be found more easily, and there will be creativity for the realization of new goals.


potential development

Goals and Change-Management


day workshops and weekend courses on request

Speech and voice training SINGEL
60 minutes // block of 10 – 6% + current exercise book

Text work SINGEL
60 minutes // block of 10 – 6% + current exercise book

Talmi® treatment SINGEL
90 minutes

Coaching Potential development SINGEL
120 minutes


– further combinations by arrangemen –
lectures and workshops 2024 – on request