I am working on the linguistic-communicative development for professional speakers and for sick or impaired people, using the Eyebody Method® (siehe Artikel ) and the Talmi Methode®

With breath, eyes, voice,
I help you to bring out your uniqueness personality and joy to speak.
Making this visible for the self and the other, the auditorium!

The contact, which we are searching for while speaking needs a relation. Indeed we step into contact at any given moment, if we like it or not. We actually come into being through the contact with the other. This starts with seeing and listening. It is the intention to act purposeful, which leads to the need for action. Already in the womb we are known to be target-oriented in our first actions (see reference book). Without strength of purpose a habit works against our physiognomy. Both, our breath and our vision show us the possibility for a dialogue. Merely the success of this dialogue is the indicator of our clarity of intent in this relationship

The way we view and look at things has an effect on our flexibility in the dialogue. As long as the musculature in the front ocular part of our eyes is relaxed, it is possible for us to find the distance to things and to find our language and we are able to remain concrete and factual. Over-focusing on the other hand, will lead to distraction of the actual concern in the common exchange. A certain distance is essential for breath, posture and the rhythm of the body. (see article).
The panoramic view enables us to see the big picture and the wide view then enlarges areas of our body including the eye. Through this I am gaining presence, I am the important point of origin in the dialogue, the self…

Every healthy person, who speaks has to think. There is no speech without thinking and action (see reference book). Our body-tension, our voice and articulation are results of our thoughts. But there are moments, however, when our intentional appearance does not work. As long as we are not truly convinced about our intentions, it is immediately audible. Habits and imaginations may hide the initial intention and we start constructing arguments, which do not arise from our original intent. If I’m in the now and presence, I will be able to answer truthfully. The dialogue will then be more authentic and lively….


Single Lessons and Group-Seminars, also for interested beginners for 2 – 5 days à 6 hours:

* Representatives and orators – for optimizing the public appearance of a company/business, training in argumentation – construction of speech – work with texts.

Please contakt me for dates/prices.