My life began in the GDR. In a country where you couldn’t do anything, I decided my credo would be: “Can’t do won’t do”. Even as a child, I already committed people to my memory on the basis of their voice and the way they moved their mouths; I was fascinated by how speech could be filled with sounds and vocalisation; I wanted to learn more about this. I went on to study the subjects that were perfect for me: speech science and phonetics.

Vocalisation. And breathing. This was it. On a further qualification course, I discovered logical connections between vocalisation and vision based on the Eyebody Method® – and was incredibly impressed. I honed my perception by learning the Talmi Method®, and firmly integrated vision into my voice and speech training as a teaching component. It is what drives me – and I will be the one to raise your respective awareness.

As a professor at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna , I show my drama and musical theatre students how to maximise their breathing, voice and speech resources and inspire them to develop the ability of being able to tune the instrument body themselves, and prepare the ground for filling texts and lyrics written by someone else with life; also for the world that’s a stage to them.

At the Burgtheater I work as a speech coach with the actors on special challenges of production and text work.

As a business coach, I work with my clients to bring their resources to light, uncover their potential and help them to fearlessly explore this new diversity.

Which means a lot to me. Getting up even with a broken leg. Listening to my inner voice. Making vision and voice, body and breathing, listening and speech my lifetime’s mission. And always, looking behind the curtain that obscures the whole, asking questions with the aim of inspiring disruption. Just because things are the way they are does not mean that they have to stay that way!

And besides this? I’d like to…

… enliven the latent space / learn aikido and kyudo / be able to dance the flamenco / regularly participate in improv plays / overcome my fear of heights so I really can fly one day / dine with Shakespeare and fast with Woody Allen/ ff…